Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Under the Camera

The other class I'm taking this semester is intro to stop motion.
So far we've been exploring under the camera techniques using this nifty program called dragon stop-motion (although they've just released a new version called dragonframe).

The first individual project we did was to animate cut paper puppets.

I tried out green screening, but I was using construction paper for the green and having some problems maintaining the image quality in final cut, so the editing is a bit lackluster at parts.

The next was a short based on some old Sesame Street animations. We were to choose one of a variety of methods and do a 15 second short that ended up as an animal

I used black sand, and pulled armadillo out of the hat, so. It's an Armadillo!

The most recent one we did was a collage animation. I found it to be very similar to the paper animation, and really they are sort of interchangeable.

People seems to like the sounds on this one.

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