Sunday, October 9, 2011

bowls and mugs!

This year is my "Lets do fun things!" I signed up for intro to the wheel. This is what I've done so far in that class.

Our first assignment that we fired was to make mugs. Mine are all tiny, with the exception of the green one. These were glazed in the hire-fire shop glazes which means they're all microwave and dishwasher safe! :D

The next thing we did was make bowls. These were done on low-fire and glazed with the majolica technique. I thought it would be more like painting at Petroyglyph (or some other paint-it-yourself- pottery place) and so was not expecting how...un-uniform the glazes turned out to be. I was trying to get a brush-y look on a lot of them, but I don't think I mixed the glazes well enough for that to happen.

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