Tuesday, October 18, 2011

In which I share some fun things I find on the internet

So basically, the internet if full of awesome and occasionally, you can find some of it. Here's a few things I found recently while 'researching'....most of them are unrelated.

MAD architects are a group of imaginative people bringing the fantastic into reality. I don't actually know how many projects they've completed, but I want to go to them. All of them.

And then there are fun science-y nature things...like these clouds. So pretty!

For people more interested in things of a smaller scale, this book looks frigg'n awesome.
It's basically a bunch of people passing around a journal to friends and friends of friends and collecting entries. Only it's a sketchbook as opposed to a journal, and the friends are illustrators living and working all around the world.

And then, because I like birds, have some pretty pictures.

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