Saturday, October 1, 2011

Thesis: Weeks 1-3

As this is my senior year, I will be creating a big massive project for my thesis. I've chosen to do a pop-up book this semester. The project proposal was to do three pages, and have each page be a different creation myth.
This first page that I've been working on is based off the Iroquois creation myth. I've mostly got the construction down, and despite being about 4 feet long, my classmates think the size isn't too unwieldy.

I'm pretty sure none of them actually tried to hold it though.

This was week one and two, respectively.

Week three, all laid out. It's just shy of 4' long, and 16" tall. I'm a bit annoyed at the empty space in the middle, so there might be some details added in with paint. I still kinda of want to make the first "panel" with the tree less perpendicular, so it matched more with the rest of the piece.

Details shots? So you can see just what I actually DID this week. Which was basically re-build everything. Even if I should have been painting.

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