Sunday, March 6, 2011

Check in

So I apologies for the lack of posts. I will put the blame partly on not having a steady time or place for Internet, and partially on my own inability to write things down every day. So rather than submit to you another freakishly long post describing in detail my experiences in Java and the past week and a half in Bali I figured I'd just say I'm alive, and living with a wonderful family in Bedulu Bail. We have a regular class schedule now, which is actually very helpful, and we're not busing around every moment. We had our first free weekend last week, and then another this week, and we've been here a month. Should give you an idea of how our schedule's been.

I will say that in Java we were able to visit the two great temples known as Brambadour and Prambanon. And had a short week long home stay with a Muslim family in a village outside the city of Yogyakarta. And that I lost any pictures I had of them when I went and lost my camera. I did manage to replace that though, so there will be plenty more pictures from this trip.

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