Monday, March 7, 2011

Topeng adventures Day one

So, since this is primarily an art blog, I figured I should post some art or something, but I don't have a scanner or access to photoshop this semester so you'll just have to deal with pictures of the Topeng mask making process.
Monday morning we didn't have class till 1:00 pm (but lunch was provided at noon) so I made my merry way over to the village-town of Mas, home to the one and only Ida Bagus Anon,Topeng mask maker extraordinaire. (No really, according to his claims, he is half the reason tourists buy Topeng masks at all) I was given a chunk of wood, an axe, and some dimensions and set out to make a mask of my very own.

After two hours of hacking away it looked a bit like this.

Then onto step two...cutting the corners off.

I didn't end up getting to far on that part though what with it being quarter past eleven and me needing to leave at 11:45. So at the end of Day One my mask stood at this point.

My right arm is so sore!

In other news, the sister of my fmaily's son's wife came to visit Monday evening and brought her family. And if that's not confusing enough, her husband is from Croatia, they met in India, and now they live just outside of London. They share English as a second language but haven't yet been able to learn each other's native tongue, and their two year old son's travel records would put an enthusiast to shame. I can only hope their hour long motor bike ride back to Denpasar went well despite the thunderstorm.

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