Tuesday, February 1, 2011


If there's one thing all airports share in common, it's the waiting, and the planes, but those are all branded differently and not everyone sells the same brand but the waiting is universal. This airport, however, also has free WiFi. So I figured I should get the whole travel part of this blog happening.
Which means I now get to share the woes of my journey. Or something :)
I did get off to a bit bumpy start, quite literally; helicopter noise and all followed by the tire blowout on the way to the airport. Lucky, it wasn't to far from home and the lovely ladies from the Stanley clan were able to rescue me off the side of the freeway and get me to good ol' SFO with plenty of time to spare. Thanks again guys!
The plane ride here wasn't to shabby, small amount of turbulence and a child crying here and there, but over all not to bad. They played the Owl Movie of Pretty, but I woke up part way through it, and the image quality wasn't that great, so I opted to try sleeping again. It worked as well as sleeping on a plane ever does.
The meals served aboard the plane weren't anything special, or especially nasty, but I do wish I had stayed away from the potato salad at dinner. The breakfast fruit was surprisingly good however, so that made up for it.
So know I'm sitting in a HUGE gate waiting for my flight to Denpasar, Indonesia, biding my time and looking at the rain. Don't know when I'll get to check in next, but hope all is well till then!

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