Friday, June 17, 2011

Three months later, it's summer!

So, I've been back in the states for a whole month now, and I'm only just now getting around to posting again.
Figured I should post the finished masks; the second one didn't have time for a paint job, but that's all alright. I like the wood look anyway.

I've been back a school, taking summer classes, in case any y'all are interested. Just finishing up Jr. Illustration 1 , which should transfer over to concepts 2 credit. A Jr. Illustration core credit I couldn't get while abroad.
The first assignment for the class was to create a desk calendar. Out of the given non-profits, I chose to do The Nature Conservancy, and focused on their Sonoran Desert Project.

However, if I had had the time to come up with enough ideas, I probably would have done The Hunger Project. Both of these are worth a look at.

The second project was to make a post card. After trying and trying and failing to make a decent image for the ice hotel in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden, I ended up just doing one of the other choices: Harajuku Japan. My favorite part of this assignment, (both in making, and the result) was the stamp, which is shown next to the postcard back. Though, it was actually stamp size when I printed it.

And I just started life drawing this week. (I'm so glad this week is over, it was three double studio days in a row. NEVER AGAIN!) I'll be sure to get some of those assignments up soon as I've actually completed them.

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